The question as to whether gas boilers are better than electric boilers can only be answered after careful consideration of a number of factors which are greatly determined
with availability of each and what one prefers. The two methods work by the same principles though using different forms of fuel but the efficiency of each is different from the other which also is to be considered with the anticipated use.


Every of these water heating methods has an advantage over the other with regards to the area of use and the running costs, something that may seem to give a harder time
thinking which fits perfectly to one’s preference, but this guide will serve to inform you with detail as possible so as to allow you to make the best choice with regards to your needs.



Cost of installation and running

Gas boilers require more work and cost ( during installation as compared to electric boilers but will have cheaper running costs in the long run compared to the cost of running electric boilers. This initial high cost of installation is comes from the gas pipes to be installed as well as getting an outlet for the fumes and gasses produced while the gas burns. The outlet may include having a chimney or a vent window to help keeping the air clean but all these require extra cost if the gas inlet is not close to those vents provided in the house. Running costs will however become lower for the gas boiler after installation ( is complete than those met while operating electric boiler. This is for the fact that gas is cheaper than electricity, which makes it considerable even with the higher initial installation costs.


Maintenance of the boilers also comes at a higher cost for the gas boilers compared to electric boilers which only need to be checked up when there is an issue with the heating system. This is so due to the multiple mechanical parts that come with a gas boiler together with pipes supplying the gas to the boiler. But this should not disqualify gas boilers as though they need regular maintenance it will be only have to be done after certain period of service or as requested by the manufacturer of the gas boiler. Furthermore, during the service period the gas boiler would have saved one enough money to allow the servicing of the system.



Availability of gas vs. electricity

While not all homes may have gas supply those with gas supply enjoy the advantage of cheaper running costs as compared to those homes entirely using electricity as fuel for their boilers. The areas that lack gas supply though have to entirely depend on electricity as fuel for their boilers or seek alternative methods to heat their water if they feel the costs are heavy are bear. With electricity also numerous challenges are faced especially during power outages. This is a challenge that is usually much felt by those in the more remote areas where it may take several hours or even days before the power problem is rectified. This means that the people affected have to live the time without heating their water or be forced to use alternative means of heating water, something that would not be faced by those using gas for their boilers.



Size of the boiler

Electric boilers are generally more compact than gas boilers and may be more flexible as to the space of installation. This is for the fact that electric boilers ( do not contain many mechanical parts as the gas boilers and also do not a flue or room for the pipes needed to transport gas to the gas



Everyday use

Gas boilers are considered better by those who have to heat water regularly and those who need to heat large volumes of water at a time. Though electric boilers are better in efficiency when it comes to heating water they can only do so to certain levels. Thus their services are limited to heating water a number of times in a day and at certain limited levels per heating. Gas boilers on the other hand can be used numerous times in a day and to heat larger volumes as long as the boiler can accommodate them without having problems with the boiler.

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